Patients' Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hospitalist?

A Hospitalist is a board-certified internal medicine or family medicine physician who takes care of patients only while they are in the hospital. This special type of physician works only at a hospital taking care of inpatients and is known as a “hospitalist.”  While you were in the hospital, your doctor asked a hospitalist to be in charge of your care--the captain of your hospital team. When discharged from the hospital, you will return to the care of your primary care physician.

Who is EMS?

We are an independent, private practice of hospitalists and emergency medicine physicians who take care of patients in the emergency department and hospital. We work very closely with the emergency department and hospital staff, your primary care physician and specialists to be sure you receive great care.

Since EMS physicians practice in hospitals and not in off-site offices, we can closely supervise your daily care, respond to changes in your condition quickly and arrange for hospital services and specialty physicians.

What is the bill for?

The bill is for the professional services and care provided by your hospitalist. The doctor who took care of you is employed by EMS, LLC with its home office in Kansas City, Missouri.

Why is the bill not covered in my charges from the hospital?

Physician’s services are routinely billed separately from the hospital bill and are paid separately by the patient and insurance.

Will my health insurance cover this bill?

Medicare, Medicaid and all major health insurance companies in your state recognize EMS, LLC. What percentage of the bill your insurance pays depends on the insurance plan that you have.

Can my primary care physician still see me when I’m in the hospital?

Certainly, but only if your doctor is on the hospital’s medical staff. The hospitalist and your primary care physician communicate regularly when you are in the hospital.

How will my primary care physician know what my hospitalist physician wants me to do when I am discharged from the hospital?

The hospitalist physician will provide a full discharge report to your primary care physician, including medications, rehabilitation, home health and an order to follow up with your primary care physician. In addition, your hospitalist will make sure you and/or your family’s concerns are addressed.

I had an EMS Hospitalist or Emergency Medicine doctor providing care to me when I was in the hospital and now that I’m out of the hospital, I need another prescription written to continue my medical treatment.

EMS emergency medicine and hospital medicine doctors provide care ONLY to patients who are in the hospital. We coordinated your medical treatment plan upon your release from the hospital with your Primary Care Physician.  Your Primary Care Physician (PCP) (sometimes called your “regular doctor”) is still your doctor when you are not in the hospital. Please contact his or her office with any questions about medications, treatments and forms.