Hospital Leaders

We recruit, hire and retain Emergency Medicine and Hospital Medicine physicians and Advanced Clinicians.

Relax. We’ve got it covered.

Hospital LeadersWhether your hospital would like to implement a high-quality hospital medicine program or emergency department service for the first time, or if your current service isn’t meeting your expectations, EMS will help you seamlessly transition.

We know that the reputation of each hospital we serve depends on the care we provide and a key component of that care is a committed, stable workforce.  That is why we recruit, hire and retain high-quality providers as employees, not Independent Contractors.  

With EMS, you’ll benefit from:

  • A coordinated, team-approach to efficient, high-quality patient care
  • A reliable and stable staff of full-time board certified emergency and/or hospital medicine physicians who recognize the power of teamwork with other hospital staff and your area’s medical community
  • Our expertise in credentialing and provider recruitment that ensures a great fit for minimal turnover.  In fact, for more than 30 years, EMS has averaged an 11-year tenure for the Emergency Medicine physicians we employ. (The national retention average is just 3.4 years).
  • A well-qualified on-site Medical Director to handle administrative functions and participate in medical staff activities.

We offer:

  • Program Development & Implementation
  • Program Management
  • Recruitment & Retention Services
  • Billing and Coding Services

SYNERGY: Combined Services

Your hospital can also benefit from the synergy created by co-management of emergency medicine and hospital medicine physicians by EMS.  Click here to learn more about our Combined Services.