For Primary Care Physicians

Making Patient Care Coverage Better for You and Your Patients

Charles HensonAs family care medical practices have taken on more and more patients due to physician shortages, it is becoming very difficult for Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) to carve out the hours needed to make traditional hospital rounds to see their patients. 

Add travel time to and from facilities and inpatient care becomes even more difficult.  However, by using hospitalists, PCPs know their patients have inpatient care experts available 24/7.

By referring patients to the EMS Hospitalist team, you, your patients and their families will benefit from:

Increased Accessibility -- Our hospitalists are based at the hospital and available to talk to you, your admitted patients and families throughout the patient’s hospital stay.

Quality of Care  -- As on-site care team leaders, hospitalists have been shown to have quicker response times for test results and clinical findings.  In addition, if an emergency develops, hospitalists are on-site to see the patient as needed, thus allowing you to provide quality patient care at the office with fewer disruptions and re-scheduling of appointments. EMS Hospitalists are committed to keeping you up-to-date on any major patient status changes. 

Shorter Hospital Stays -- Studies have shown that patients whose care is led by a hospitalist have shorter hospital stays while still receiving quality care.  

Continuity of Care to Reduce Readmissions -- Our hospitalists communicate with your office and hospital discharge planners to establish a true “Continuity of Care” environment and reduce readmissions. We emphasize to patients that they are under our care ONLY when admitted to the hospital and upon leaving the hospital, they need to contact your office for any prescriptions, follow-up appointments and other questions.

Respect for your Practice --We understand how hard you’ve worked to build your practice and maintain your relationships with your patients. With our hospitalist program, your patient will be admitted, cared for and discharged to your practice by a hospitalist.